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Aerial photography solutions

Our team of aerial photography specialists have operated across Canada since 1999. We have flown thousands of successful aerial photography missions, large and small, for commercial and residential real estate, property development, industrial, engineering, procurement, construction, government, marketing, publishing, and non-profit clients.

Our clients count on our extensive experience in aerial photography, aviation, and logistics to deliver high quality aerial images, on time and on budget. Our photos tell a story that capture the attention and imagination of the viewer.

Aerial Photography Services
Stock Aerial Photos

Search our exclusive collection of royalty-free stock aerial photos

Search our online database of thousands of aerial images covering a multitude of locations, subjects and industries. All are available in high, medium, and low resolutions and are royalty-free with minimal usage restrictions.

Stock Aerial Photos
Timelapse Photography

Construction Timelapse Cameras

Our proven timelapse camera systems are fully weather-proof and can take high resolution photos at user set time intervals for both interior and exterior applications. Our systems can be accessed remotely to ensure that they are running properly, to change the timing between photos or to re-schedule when photos are taken.

Images are transferred within minutes of being taken using built-in transmitters that utilize cellular technology to upload photos to our secure online server for you and your team to view. Timelapse videos can be created at any time during the project. All photos are time and date stamped, allowing easy access and downloading of any of the thousands of photos taken over the course of a project.”

Timelapse Solutions